Inner Peace

I seek inner peace,
the kind you find at night,
the hustle of the day gone,
no one in sight.
Silence hits the streets,
only the noise of your breath is heard.
It’s a time I feel most alone,
my body aches to the very bone.
I think of the future
what it holds for me
what is my destiny?

I’ve lived life by the book,
always tried hard,
doing my best to be good.
Where is my inner peace?
The calm satisfying feeling
from my head to my feet.
I seek, will I find
the peace within my mind?

Am I looking too hard
to find the key
that will open the door
of happiness,
the one true meaning of love,
I have a husband and two kids
so could the answer be in God?

Dawn Yvette 2015

This is a poem I wrote originally when I was at University in 1997. I edited it slightly to make it current, as it still resonates with me now. 

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