About Dawn

About me …

Hello, I’m Dawn, a full-time mum of two young children. I live in the suburbs of London, England. I am currently on a career break. I previously worked as a business consultant where I focused on personal development. As much as I love being able to spend quality time with my son and daughter, I wanted to use this opportunity to explore some of my unfulfilled passions. This year I turned forty and decided to fulfil my lifelong passion for ‘writing from life,’ and finally putting it ‘out there’. Throughout my life I have been so afraid to allow myself to be vulnerable, to show the side of me that isn’t outgoing and gregarious.

I have been writing since I was a teenager, I learned to touch type on a typewriter I got for christmas when I was thirteen. It was then that I wrote my first ‘novel’ based on my fears and dreams disguised as fiction. I guess I’ve been a writer in training for nearly thirty years. I never believed I was good enough to be a writer. I am rubbish at spelling and grammar, although I found out I am mildly dyslexic when I started my own business as a Consultant in 2004. I struggle at times with organising my thoughts, reading with fluidity, and correct use of the English language. What I have learned is that dyslexia is what makes me creative, it’s part of me so I am learning to accept it and work with it. So please don’t be too hard on me; I will try my best to edit but dyslexia will no doubt show up in the way I punctuate and put things together.

The stories I tell are true, I have changed names and locations but they are not fiction they happened to me.

The photos are all taken by me, on my iPhone, unless stated otherwise.

About Dawned Upon …

Dawned Upon is about being ‘life’ curious. A place where I can finally connect my passions for personal development, wellbeing, creative non-fiction, design and photography.

I will be sharing many stories with you; from growing up being the only black family in the community and my struggles with self-identity, to my father’s brain tumour. I will be exploring the effects of childhood grief, and recovering from the illness M.E and how I am managing my health and life now, as a full-time mother of two young children.

Here in this space I will share some of my insights and inspiration, and I am going to share how I am learning to live more fully and authentically in all aspects of my life. I want to figure out the life lessons that can help us grow and open us up to new possibilities.

For the first time I will be writing directly from my heart. How will this story continue? What will I learn along the way? This is why I am here now.

The great thing about blogging is sharing the journey with others, so that we are less alone in out quest for a fuller life. Please don’t be a stranger.

Dawn Yvette x

Final notes about this blog…

The identities of many people I refer to in my blog posts have been altered to protect their privacy. My children have been protected by using the names from Jake and The Neverland Pirates a show they currently love. Jake for my son (3) and Izzy for my daughter (5). For my husband I will refer to him a Peter after Peter Pan no other reason than I wanted to continue the pirate theme!

Copyright: unless stated otherwise all content and photography on this blog is my intellectual property. Please do not use any of the content or photography from dawned upon without obtaining prior written consent.

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