Hello and a belated Happy New Year!

It has come as a surprise how much Blogging enhanced my life over these last few months, mainly because it has reignited my passion for creativity, writing and photography. The ability to connect to so many inspiring people was the biggest bonus, I didn’t realise what a fantastic community would be at my fingertips.

I’ve been really frustrated with myself as I’ve not managed to get into my stride as a blogger yet. My chronic fatigue, family commitments, and the run up to Christmas has stopped me from blogging the way I had planned.

You might have noticed that I have not written for a few weeks. I got to the point before Christmas of pure overwhelm and with so much to do I could no longer focus on blogging. Once the holidays began I decided to switch off and focus on spending quality time with my family and friends. I am so glad I did as it was a wonderful time where we really got to cherish what we had in our lives.

Now we are eight days into January and I still feel that I need to take time to PAUSE, BE, and to BREATHE. I think it is time to allow myself to fully commit to recovering my health and RECHARGE instead of rushing ahead on adrenaline and pushing myself to achieve.

In late December I began to reflect back over 2015, with the help of Susannah Conway and her Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook . The exercises helped me to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year and it gave me insights into what I want for myself in 2016.  This also helped me realise that this month I need a little more space/time away from blogging.

January will be a DETOX for my mind, body and soul. I shall be healing, journaling, nesting, decluttering, and practising yoga, mindfulness and gratitude, as well as working on my plans for the year ahead.

I look forward to returning to this space again soon where I will be blogging with more VITALITY, INSIGHT, FOCUS and WISDOM!  🙂